As choreographic partners, collaboration is inherent and key. Since we began, that collaboration has taken shape as dance theatre for the stage and camera, interdisciplinary work, site-specific performance, durational exhibition, and community engagement. We consistently return to the duet form to redefine and re-establish our unified vision.

The median represents the figurative and literal spaces where our cohesive efforts exist. Our work evolves through concentrated research informed by collaborators, performers, audiences, spaces, and the movement practices we develop. It is unwrapped through both surreptitious and candid methods. Repetition, manipulation, and fanatic scrutiny – influenced by idea – are placed upon movement, text, and action. Our work adheres to, but also confronts, established relationships with each other as performers, with each exclusive environment, and with viewers. We strive to create work that inhabits spaces wholly, often altering their expected uses, boundaries, and structures to harmonize with each project. All our dances are made for the spaces they occupy and every dance is transformed eternally by the spaces they inhabit.

We seek to deny conventional formulas for creating and consuming dance – we hope to present performance work that is intimate, cumulative in its effect, and invites participation on many varied levels. We are interested in the ever-changing landscape of collaborative choreography, a landscape wherein the parts are willfully consumed by the whole.

We believe in the body as a vessel, an entity, and an asset for communal well-being. We wish to promote respect for the human body by demonstrating the knowledge obtained through experiential physicality. Through residency programs at universities, colleges, and community organizations, we have developed systems for collaborative engagement that promote well-being and foster personal and communal growth. Our performed dances are largely defined by these experiences. As unified entities, choreography and engagement provide purpose in our creative process.

Above photo credits in order of appearance: Thomas Rivera Montes, Steven Schreiber, Xan Burley,  Paula Lobo, Andy Ribner, and Scott Shaw.