HSIAO-JOU TANG was born and raised in Taiwan. She moved to New York in 2004 to attend SUNY Purchase College, and graduated in 2008 with a BFA in Dance. Tang has had the great pleasure of working with a number of wonderful people and companies including Kyle Abraham/, Shen Wei Dance Arts, Kevin Wynn Collection, Sidra Bell Dance NY, Daniel Charon Dance, Nora Petroliunas/The Pharmacy Project and the Metropolitan Opera Ballet. She is currently a member of Doug Varone and Dancers. Hsiao-Jou is thrilled to be here and has had a great time working and dancing with all of the amazing folks.


WILL OWEN is an artist, musician, and curator. Currently, Will is an artist in residence at Flux Factory in Queens, NY. Originally from western North Carolina and currently based in a few city centers of the American northeast. Will has recently recorded and performed with Aaron Roche (New Amsterdam, R. Stevie Moore), Tyler James (Escondido), and is a curator with Philadelphia’s Little Berlin Gallery. In Spring 2014, Will exhibited an interactive sound installation at the original location of the Black Mountain College. Recently Will was commissioned by the city of Philadelphia to create a sculpture and soundscape which were installed in September, 2014.


Hollis Bartlett

Megan Bascom

Crystal Bella

Carly Berrett

Sarah Rose Bodley

Jake Bone

Alyssa Bruehlman

Randy Burd 

Quentin Burley

Julia Burrer

Robin Cherof

Marlee Cook-Parrott

Donna Costello 

Cat Coury

Christina D'Amico

Janna Diamond

Brianna Dixon

Courtney Drasner

Marcos Duran

Meredith Fages

Aidan Feldman 

Edith Freyer

Adrian Galvin

Brigid Gillis

Emily Giovine

Jessica Herring

Tess Igarta

Maddie Irmen

Leah Ives

Emily Jeffries

Jessica Jolly

Julia Kelly

Megan Kendzior

Roxanne Kidd

Molly Kirwan

Sarah Konner

Lindsay Lee

Sydnie Liggett

Casey Loomis

Molly Mae MacGregor

Cori Marquis

Stephanie Mas

Cameron McKinney

Stephanie Miracle

Donnell Oakley

Sarah Oppenheim

Devin Oshiro

Erin Owen

Nora Petroliunas

Jordan Risdon

Kat Rhodes

Myssi Robinson

Emma Rumberg

Austin Selden

Lynda Senisi

AJ Sharp

Tara Sheena

Sophie Slesinger 

Anna Adams Stark 

Tomoko Takedani

Krissy Tate

Sophie Torok

Alexander Leslie Thompson

Niko Tsocanos

Nadia Tykulsker

Keeley Walsh

Brandon Welch

Madeline Wilcox

Aya Wilson

Caitlin Yuhas

Sarah Zitnay

Sarah Zehnder


Adam Crawley (composer)

Susan Hilvert (film-maker) 

Corrine Furman (photographer/stylist) 


Vesa Loikas (photographer)

Michael Wall (composer)

Above photo credits in order of appearance: Thomas Rivera Montes, Andy Ribner, Julia Burrer,  Stephanie Crousillat, Mistral Hay, and Andy Ribner.