Through both improvisation and given material, class work focuses on essential body centers through evocative imagery, intuitive choice-making and personal movement needs and longings. A warm-up practice calling upon post-modern fundamentals, release technique, and classical ideas of form will generate warmth from the core outward. Across the floor phrase-work will be boundless, big and hungry, allowing found awareness and control to erupt. Vigorous, detailed, and demanding center work will be focused on for a large chunk of class time and will deal with ideas of space, the unpredictable nature of movement, and pleasure in dancing. Phrasework will be layered with dramatic elements and discovered on an individual level through multiple performances of the material. I am interested in honoring and understanding what each person in the space provides for the experience. This class is meant to be a time for play, exploration, and sharing each other’s many wisdoms. Jam-packed with highly dynamic movement and really good music, class will be exciting, challenging and downright fun.


Class will begin with a series of guided exercises to generate warmth, length and awareness in the body. Utilizing different improvisational exercises, we will experience individual movement qualities, sensations, and dynamics. Moving through a simple and clear technical practice, dancers will begin to find their voice in more structured movement. Class will build to a highly physical and athletic phrase, where dancers are asked to embody the material, making performative choices immediately. Movement will draw from different qualities: bound, weighted, thrown, released.