"Xan Burley is particularly effective... lush, boneless, muscular."

Susan YungEphemeralist


 "They can hurtle across the floor or crash to it, as Springer does in one startling entrance..."

Deborah JowittDanceBeat


"Burley and Springer folding and unfolding through their joints, organically redirecting their energy..."

Courtney Escoyne, The Stewardship Report


"Annoyingly fantastic dancers. Just perfect in how they parsed momentum, suspension, initiation."

Susan Van Pelt PetrySVPP Blog 


"Alex Springer and Xan Burley find ways to uplift and enlighten with subtle, telepathic duo work..."

Quinn Batson,



"[Springer's] quiet awareness and masculine sensuality immediately sets you up for a treat."

Deirdre Towerseye on dance


"Through Burley’s contorted, ungainly movements—legs turned in, feet flexed, body writhing—which unfold slowly, allowing us to appreciate the building intensity as she approaches..."  

Andrew BoyntonThe New Yorker


"Burley, hair awry, swans about like a heroine abandoned by her story"

Deborah JowittDanceBeat


“Humor, absurdity, quirky choreography, and numerous invitations for laughter...”  

Hannah KrafcikDance Enthusiast   


"Burley and Springer show their prowess as story-tellers, evoking potent images of love and loss that struck a universal empathetic chord."

Katherine BergstromPoint of Contact



"Their fluid athleticism is invigorating, and as they run together, jump at each other, and throw themselves to the ground, they completely inhabit the work’s sense of self-preservation and determination to survive just through the end of this."

Katherine Bergstrom, Point of Contact


“Xan Burley and Alex Springer perform with amazing physicality in mindmeld synch whether they are moving together or manipulating each other... We never really stop wondering where things are headed, and that is one of the successes of the [work].”  

Quinn Batson,


“A fascinating glimpse into worlds both funny and fierce...  dances ranging from wittily astute to traumatically effective... One can't help but be excited by the promise of new dance makers like [Burley + Springer] in this often formidable city.”

Meghan Frederick,


“Signature Xan Burley movement is sharp, intricate, and sweeping. The final combination of class is challenging and fast paced, but because of her sense of calm, and her familiar open style I don’t feel anxious about it."  

Tara Sheena, Dance Enthusiast