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  • Gibney Dance Center 280 Broadway New York, NY, 10007 United States (map)

As a collaborative duet, we work simultaneously with individual instinct and practiced conversation. These are both literal and figurative points of reference for us. Our bodies speak their languages and our minds cohere to intersect this divide. We are interested in this intersection, the ever-changing landscape of collaborative choreography, a landscape wherein each of the parts are willfully consumed by the whole. For this workshop, we invite participants to problem-solve movement creation with another (or many others) in embodied improvisations and scores for generating material. We will source ideas of the imaginary, drawing upon the absence of people, things, time, and/or space to develop form and content. In this process, we pursue the playfulness of bending expectation. All explored partner work emphasizes the supportive physicality embedded in weight sharing, cooperative dancing, and our fascination with the “duet.”